Tired Mind, Dead Soul

Lots of us live a busy and complicated life where we struggle like fish out of water in order to survive in this system. At every different stage of life, from a child to a teenager to an adult, there would always be trouble or problems happening. From simple things like not getting the toy we want or being unable to find a job in this period of Covid-19 pandemic. As we trudge through all kinds of things, our mind would definitely start to wear and tear.

The conditions of living in a modern world may not be as harsh as in the past where there was not even suitable medicine or world wars, but with modernity comes new sets of problems. Living now requires one to adapt quickly and comes with new kinds of problems with wars waged on mental illnesses or racism. It is extremely fast-paced and it's easy to just get tired of everything. The constant small strifes or pressure to find meaning in one’s life will further wear down one’s “soul”.

A tired mind can be a result of unconscious problems or stress that was slowly building up inside your brain like an explosive. the explosive could then be triggered by a minor event and could cause disastrous problems. A tired mind could also build up instantly from major events happening like the death of a family or perhaps the loss of a home.
When it all blows up, it can lead to one getting thoughts of suicide or self-harm or cause one that could not hold it in anymore to do such a deed. The person is simply tired of living and his mental capabilities just aren’t able to keep up anymore.

Some obvious signs of an extremely tired mind could be emotional traits like detachments, anger or feelings of hopelessness while physical traits could be body aches, insomnia or headaches. One should always pay attention to this dangerous killer that's on the rise especially during this pandemic where there are increasing trends in suicide. While as stated above are obvious signs, it would be even better if it was stopped before it even got that far. One surprising thing that might further tire your mind is surprisingly music. While it is true music can relieve stress or helps you be more energetic, music amplifies emotions. And for the more emotional people, it’s sometimes really not good to amplify one’s emotion. It can lead to less calm decisions.

Some ways to help relax your tired mind is to go back to nature, go rest and take a short camping trip or a hike. Being in nature relaxes a person and lowers stress levels.
You could also simplify yourself. Your mind gets tired much more easily if you have complicated thoughts or you over think about things like what it means to be alive.
Another more straightforward method is to converse with people that you trust about how you are feeling. By showing your feeling it might relieve some stress.

These are honestly just short term solutions. To properly solve why you had a tired mind is to find the major problem first, it could be your job or perhaps your family even. There could also be multiple problems. Should you be unable to find the cause, well…… good luck cause I am kind of unable to properly identify a cause too. New problems can also pop up so always be prepared to deal with being in a state of a tired mind.

When we talk about souls we all think of something spiritual, the driver of the body or that it is an ethereal substance — a spirit; a non-material spark — particular to a unique living being. The soul I’ll be talking about however is referring to the essence of a person. Your personality, your look or just all in all a part of your identity. So when talking about a dead soul I’m referring to your very identity being shaved away the more tired it gets or perhaps a massive accident that just eradicated a part of who you are. Scary? Damn right it is, unlike my opinion on a tired mind where there’s a constant negative effect before finally blowing up, a dying soul is where a person personality and way they act gets slowly erased to the point of a dead soul where they seem to have something missing.
For example, let’s say there was a person who has great empathy. He loves to empathise with people and try to find their problem to solve for them. But each time it does that, it would hurt him as he would be able to empathise and feel lets say 50% of their pain. As he watches the news with all the horrors going around the world he also empathises with them without thinking. Slowly but surely he would opt to not empathise with someone unconsciously so that he would not feel such pain, and we could consider that part of him dead.

Some signs that I believe is an indication would be loss of interest in what you love or perhaps in the past, you had certain unique mindsets or morals that you no longer followed or exist. Be careful not to misidentify that with your personal growth as its possible that some traits are toxic and you growing and maturing has resulted in such a trait disappearing. So pay attention to positive traits. Outside influences or experiences are usually reasons why these kinds of things happen. It does not have to be things that personally happened to you that can affect and result in your soul dying which is what makes this scary. It can come from the simplest of things.

A solution to revive a dying soul I’d say would be to find the reason why you're losing yourself before trying to solve it. Since the “soul” was originally a part of you, I believe that by eliminating the cause it should come back. Of course, should you be unable to retrieve it, you should not try to force yourself as sometimes what's gone is gone.

You’ve seen and experienced over what you are capable of, you are tired of living in this world of competition and constant strife. You have lost what made you you and you don’t feel like thinking anymore. At this stage, you have most likely reached the end and I wish you the best of luck.

The end



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